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Phillip W. Statler

Phillip Statler is a veteran to the financial services industry and has been educating and assisting Highlands County pre-retirees and retirees on comprehensive retirement solutions for over a decade. Statler’s mission is to provide area residents with the insight they need to make informed decisions about their retirement future and direction on how to obtain their own financial security in retirement years.  Their firm, Statler Financial Services, Inc., takes a holistic approach to comprehensive planning and offers guidance on tax reduction strategies, estate planning, along with distribution and succession planning.  Additionally, Statler works with people to ensure their investments and retirement accounts are protected, and that they will last throughout the retirement years. 

Mr. Statler began in the financial services industry as a tax advisor, working with clients to plan tax reduction strategies. As a tax planner, he quickly became aware that the issue of tax reduction was only one area of concern for his clients.  He wanted to give his clients peace of mind with all of their financial matters.  As a result, he earned the required licensure to become a financial and investment advisor, and since that time, he has provided his clients thorough, well-rounded advice on how to achieve a secure and complete retirement plan. 

Each year, Mr. Statler educates area investors through educational seminars open to the public, radio and Ask Phillip Anything -  topics include:  taking money out of IRAs tax-free, stopping unnecessary taxation on Social Security income, how to get long-term care protection without paying annual premiums, leveraging safe investment alternatives, protecting yourself from market losses and much more.

A graduate of Florida State University, Statler earned his bachelor of science in Accounting and Finance.  He is a Registered Investment Advisor Representative of Statler Financial Services, Inc. and is a licensed Enrolled Agent (Tax Advisor) through the U.S. Treasury’s office. He and his wife, Joyce, are life-long residents of Sebring and are the proud parents of two children – Maggie & Colton.  Maggie graduated with her Masters in Sports Administration from FSU and is now teaching at Hill-Gustat Middle School. She’s married to Ryan Chandler. Colton graduated from USF with a Master’s degree in accounting. He’s married to Andrea Lansdale.

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